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Recommendable for all tourist or travelers! Easy and polite to commmunicate with.
Miss Mia

I’m very glad my problem of booking a ticket is over, by the help of your travel agency Dive N’ Board finding a cheapest air ticket for my husband. Can’t help to see my husband from Korea. Thank You!

Mrs Dacillo

Our barkada decided to go to Anawangin unexpectedly, it was rush and so we were having hard time looking for group package and there! Dive N’ Board answered our prayers.. ‘twas such an exciting and memorable experience.

Tropang Gala

All I can say was thank you to the Agency when at last minute I need to book a plane ticket to go to Butuan when my grandson passed away. They are there to help me. Appreciate your assistance!!!

Nana Meldy

It was truly an awesome experience when my whole family decided to take our first out of country vacay at HK Disneyland. We were out of budget so I was grateful to Dive N’ Board for giving me affordable rates. Thanks a lot..

Joanne and Family

I am excited to see my bf from Saudi after how many years. Thanks Grace ( owner ) for booking cheapest ticket compared to airline websites.. Very legit and legal